Warrens Bakery Two Watersfoot, Liskeard, PL14 6HY

Tel: 01579 321347 2 Vegan dishes @ £3.25 LABELLED VEGAN A chain pasty store that have recently added two pasties to their range. The Vegan green Thai pasty and the fiery Mexican pasty, both come highly recommended. Updated 03/17.

Liskerrett Community Centre Cafe Varley Lane, Liskeard, PL14 4AP Tel: 01579 340307 Weekdays 9am-4pm (lunch 12-2pm) Vegetarian cafe in a community centre that have a bean burger, lentil fritter or a selection of salads that are suitable for vegans. The chips are vegan at £3. They are highly recommended by vegans who have visited.
Hot Wok Renaissance restaurant & takeaway 2 Pondbridge Hill, Liskeard, PL14 3AB Tel: 01579 349422 Open bank holidays, lunch Fri-Sun 12noon-2.30pm, buffet lunch on Sun, Dinner Mon-Sun 5pm-11pm. £1.60-£4.20 a dish 10+ vegan dishes Chinese that has many tofu dishes and they dont coat this in animal products before cooking. They know what a vegan is and are prepared to adapt dishes on the vegetarian menu to be made vegan. Adjacent to the Co-op store.
Health & Happiness 27 Fore Street, Liskeard, PL14 3JA Tel: 01579 340740 W Small health food shop that also stocks a vegan pasty. Updated 08/16
Season’s Cafe & Bistro 6 Windsor Place, Bay Tree Hill, Liskeard, PL14 4BH W Tel: 01579 342302 The soups are usually vegan and they also have suitable salads. If you give prior notice they are also happy to prepare other vegan options. They have a good understanding of veganism and are helpful.
The Loft Cafe The Old Bakery, Pigmeadow Lane, Liskeard, PL14 6AT Tel: 01579 344880 One of the owners is vegetarian and understands veganism so with notice of ideas they are happy to oblige. Otherwise if you tell them your vegan when you go in they can come up with some options with the ingredients they have there.
The Sterts Arts Centre Sterts, Liskeard, PL14 5AZ With advance notice they have previously made lovely vegan food for guests such as vegan curry.
Hayloft Restaurant Lower Clicker Road, Menheniot, Liskeard, PL14 3PJ Tel: 01503 240241 They are familiar with vegan cooking and there’s usually a vegan option on the menu or one that can be made vegan, or with notice they can offer more choice.
Pencubitt House Lamellion Cross, Liskeard, PL14 4EB T 01579 342694 W Guest house that can do vegan food on request with short notice and have had vegan guests in the past.
The Nebula Guest House 27 Higher Lux Street, Liskeard, PL14 3JU T 01579 342071 W They understand veganism and can cater with notice.
Everest Tandoori Webbs House, Pike Street, Liskeard, PL14 3HW

Tel: 01579 343013 They cook with vegetable oil and can tell you which dishes are vegan. The vegetable curry or bhuna is suitable, the korma or nan breads are not suitable.

The Plough Inn Duloe, Liskeard. Tel: 01503 262556 The menu changes daily so sometimes the vegetarian food is also vegan. With prior notice they can put together a selection of vegan dishes.
Annapurna 4 Castle Street, Liskeard. Tel: 01579 348720 They generally cook in butter ghee but if you explain your vegan they can adapt dishes to be suitable.
Tapenades 14 Dean street, Liskeard. Tel: 01579 344844 They can cater for vegans with prior notice.
Liskeard Tavern Haviland Road, Liskeard. Tel: 01579 349635 The only vegan option is chips.
Fat Frog 6 Market Street, Liskeard. Tel: 01579 348818 Best they can offer is a jacket potato or a salad.
Cornwall Venue Millenium House, Princess Road, Pensilva, Liskeard. Tel: 01579 363096 The best they can offer is a jacket potato and beans.
The Highwayman Dobwalls, Liskeard. Tel: 01579 320114 The veg stroganoff or veg burgers are not vegan but they may be able to leave cheese of pizza and make it vegan and the chips are cooked in vegetable oil so may be suitable if they are cooked seperate from the meat products.
Post Office House Minions, Liskeard. Tel: 01579 363386 In the cafe they could probably manage a salad sandwich but the vegetable pasties contain lard in the pastry.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – Malcolm Barnecutt bakery, Liskeard.   ***   The No.18 Coffee House, Liskeard.   ***   New Lai Wan, Liskeard.   ***   Kwong Lee, Liskeard.   ***   Blakes the master bakers, Liskeard   ***   Taste Cornwall, Liskeard   ***   WT Warren & Son   ***   Bean, 6 Fore Street, Liskeard   ***   Chapel Bakery, 6 Rundle Court, Station Road, Liskeard   ***   Addingtons fish & chips, 59 Park View, Liskeard   ***   Royal Cafes, The Parade, Liskeard – All products are cooked in the same oil as the meat products   ***   Best kebab and burger takeaway, 1 West street, Liskeard   ***   Hurlers Halt Cafe, Minions, Liskeard   ***   Wheal Tor Hotel, Caradon Hill, Pensilva, Liskeard   ***   Colliford Tavern, Colliford Lake, Liskeard   ***   The Crib Box, Barras Street, Liskeard – Don’t understand vegan   ***   The London Inn, School Hill, Liskeard   ***