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Embers Pizza

16 Market Street, Padstow, PL28 8AL.

Tel: 01841 533600     www.emberspizza.co.uk  They make pizzas with vegan friendly dough and they can use vegan cheese at no extra cost.    The menu also clearly lists any allergens.  They offer vegan friendly starters, mains and desserts, including dairy free ice creams and sorbets from our very own ‘Padstow Ice Cream Company’, along with monthly vegan specials.  They always carry almond and soya milk as an alternative to regular dairy for all their coffees, at no extra charge.  They are working alongside Plastic Free Padstow to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the town. As a result, they no longer sell or serve any of their products in single-use packaging or that are not fully compostable. They also support the Refill campaign and are a listed water refill site.  They do not sell water in plastic bottles, but will happily refill your own reusable water container free of charge.  Updated 06/23.

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