Roller rink 14 Pool Industrial Estate, Pool, Redruth, TR15 3RH. They have LABELLED VEGAN options of; moving mountains chilli cheez burger, vegan chilli loaded fries, vegan hot dog & fries, vegan cheese nachos, chilli cheese nachos, large vegan classic dog, chilli cheese dog, kids vegan dog, vegan chocolate thickshake.   They also have soya milk for drinks.  Updated 08/21.
Copper coast Tolvaddon road, Camborne, TR14 0BJ. Tel: 01209 240248. Pub with a vegan menu, see attached photo.   Updated 08/21.
The Trevithick Inn Treswithian Road, Camborne, TR14 7NF. Tel: 01209 611021. Pub with LABELLED VEGAN options or options that can be adapted vegan; Soup of the day, cauliflower bites, chilli non carne, sloppy Joe burger, skin on chips, side salad, sweet potato fries, chocolate torte and a Sunday lunch with Fakeland ale pie.  Updated 08/21.
Warrens Bakery 20 Trelowarren Street, Camborne, TR14 8AA. Tel: 01209 713256    3+ Vegan dishes LABELLED VEGAN A chain pasty store. They have pasties such as vegan pasty or vegan Thai pasty and a vegan sausage roll. They sometimes have a vegan cake also but the options change. Updated 08/21.
Fire Dance Pizza Reawla village centre, TR27 5HE Tel: 07902 401461 Every Friday 5-8pm After a successful trial of vegan pizza’s they have decided to now introduce a vegan menu. You can call to place an advance order. Call before 1pm for a wheat free base. Around £10 for a vegan pizza. Updated 01/17
Miss Molly’s tea room The old college, Dolcoath road, Camborne, TR14 8RR. Tel: 01209 718196.  They have a LABELLED VEGAN breakfast.  Updated 08/21.
The Croust hut King Edward mine museum, Newton road, Troon, Camborne, TR14 9HW. Tel: 01209 612635.  They have a LABELLED VEGAN breakfast and other options that look like they can be adapted to vegan.  Updated 08/21.
Four Oceans Noodle Bar & English Restaurant 109 Trelowarren Street, Camborne, TR14 8AW. Tel: 01209 717323 In the past staff were extremely friendly and if you explained you were vegan they were happy to adapt dishes. Garlic mushrooms in batter contained animal products but they could be made vegan. The satay sauce contained shrimp. They did tofu that was vegan and could do some tofu dishes and vegetable dishes suitable for vegans.  At the top end of the main shopping street.  Updated 08/21.
Pura Pressed TR6 0EW. E   A sustainable healthy food and drinks business, focused on creating nutritious convenience products such as juices, smoothies, raw cakes and desserts. Deliveries to Camborne. Updated 08/21.
Bengal Balti Cuisine 2 Cross Street, Camborne, TR14 8EU. Tel: 01209 710904  Tandoori restaurant and take-away. In the past if you told them you are vegan they could adapt dishes and ask for no yoghurt dip, which they put in the bag with your take-away. There is a seperate vegetarian menu. Avoid the tarka dhall, nan and paratha as they were cooked with butter ghee. The vegetable vindaloo, aubergine bhaji, vegetable bhaji, bombay aloo bhaji and chapati are a few dishes that appear suitable. On the corner of Trevenson street and Cross street, opposite Camborne library.  Updated 08/21.
Rowes Bakery 15 Commercial Square, Camborne, TR14 8AT Tel: 01209 712760 They have a vegetable pasty that is vegan and some of the sweet buns are usually suitable also. Updated 08/21.
The John Francis Bassett Commercial Street, Camborne, TR14 8JZ. JD Wetherspoons pub that has a vegan menu including a fried vegan breakfast.  Updated 08/21.
Philps Pasties The Square, Praze-an-Beeble, Camborne, TR14 0JR. Tel: 01209 831360     They have a LABELLED VEGAN  pasty and a gluten free vegetable pasty.     Updated 08/21.
Philps Pasties 28 Trelowarren Street, Camborne, TR14 8AA. Tel: 01209 710711    They have a   LABELLED VEGAN  vegetable pasty and a gluten free vegetable pasty.  Updated 08/21.
Baker Tom’s Bakery Cafe 14 Wilson Way, Pool, TR15 3RT. Tel: 01209 218989     In the past  they had a vegan specials board     Updated 08/21.
The Tyacks Hotel 27 Commercial Street, Camborne, TR14 8LD. Tel: 01209 612424    They state on their website that they always have a vegan option.  Updated 08/21.
Tse House (szechuan, peking & cantonese) restaurant & take-away 39 Commercial Street, Camborne, TR14 8JX. Tel: 01209 713488  In the past they could adapt dishes to be suitable for vegans and although not on the menu you could usually get tofu that could also be vegan.  Opposite the White Hart pub.  Updated 08/21.
The Chippy 2 The Square, Praze, Camborne, TR14 0JR. Tel: 01209 832238 In the past they said the chips were cooked seperately from the meat and fish products in palm oil and they also said the veggie burger was vegan.  Updated 08/21.
Tehidy Country Park Cafe Camborne, TR14 0HA. Tel: 01209 610094  In the past they understood vegan and usually the vegetarian soup was suitable for vegans.  Updated 08/21.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – Scallywags, Trelowarren Street, Camborne.   ***    Golden Pool, Trelowarren Street, Camborne.   ***   May’s Garden, Camborne.   ***   The Cornish oven Camborne pasty shop, Treswithian Road, Camborne     ***   CC Corner Cafe, Unit 1, School Road, Praze-An-Beeble   ***   Stone Willy’s Pizza, 2 The Square, Praze-An-Beeble   ***   The Old Shire Inn, Pendarves, Camborne   ***   The Plume of Feathers, Fore Street, Camborne   ***   St. Aubyn Arms, The Square, Praze   ***   Munch Away, 62 Trelowarren Street, Camborne   ***   Beacon fish & chip shop, 72 Fore Street, Camborne – Everything is cooked in beef dripping   ***   Cross Street fish & chips, 23 Cross Street, Camborne – The veggie burger is not vegan and the chips are cooked in animal fat   ***   USA Chicken, 37 Commercial Street, Camborne   ***   J&J Kebabs & takeaway, Commercial Street, Camborne   ***   Berryman’s bakery, 43 Trelowarren Street, Camborne   ***