Beers & Ciders / Breweries

Atlantic Brewery, Newquay     W     All their beer is vegan & organic.  It is bottle conditioned and non-filtered.

Cornish Cyder Vegan ciders and apple juices in Grampound no animal derived products are used in their ciders or juices. The orchards they use are org all registered under The Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 s. 41 as ‘habitats of principle importance’ ‘habitats of principle importance’

Updated 10/17.

Firebrand Brewing, Launceston   All the bottled beers are vegan

Rattler Cyder, Truro   Rattler cyder does not contain any animal products or use processing aids derived from animals

St Austell Brewery Co. Ltd, St Austell     W   All bottled, canned and kegged beers are vegan.  Cask ales are not vegan.

Sharps Brewery     W   All bottled beers are vegan.  Cask beers are not.

Ellis Wharton Wines Ltd St Andrews Road, Par, PL24 2LX     T 01726 825255     Independent wine wholesaler  and retailer.  They sell over 70 drinks (wines, ciders & beers) that are suitable for vegetarians and around 50 or so suitable for vegans.  They have a good understanding of veganism.