Honicombe Manor Restaurant St Anns Chapel, Callington, PL17 8JW 50% of the menu is vegetarian and most can be adapted to vegan. Meals are £8 with free trips to the salad bar. Updated 11/16.
Over the top Cornish pasties Gunnislake Tel: 07300014255     Fb: overthetopcornishpasties     Mon 11am-5pm, Tue-Fri 11am-4pm     3 Vegan pasties @ £4-£4.50     LABELLED VEGAN     They have pasties available for delivery (Free delivery for Gunnislake, Calstock, St Anns, Callington, Kelly Bray).   Frozen pasties 4 from £15 Min order 4 pasties.    They have trio of mushrooms, walnut & leek and vegetable with homemade sweet chilli sauce.  Also bringing out a traditional pasty, replacing the meat with tofu and marmite.      Updated 12/17.
Daisys Coffe Shop Unit 7, Pilgrims Way Arcade, Callington. T 07800 738159 The staff are very accommodating for vegans. They do a vegan pasty and almond milk. A previous vegan visitor had an almond latte and the staff googled the vanilla syrup to check it was vegan.
Red Panda Unit 13-14 Pannier Market, Fore Street, Callington, PL17 7AD Tel: 01579 383373 Chinese restaurant that has a range of vegetable and tofu dishes. Explain your vegan and don’t eat oyster sauce, shrimp paste or other fish sauces. The tofu is vegan and they also do aubergine dishes.
The Balti King 5 New Road, Callington, PL17 7BE Tel: 01579 383818 They understand veganism and most of the vegetarian dishes are suitable for vegans except the mild ones which mostly contain dairy.
Loui’s Tea Room Kit Hill Approach Road, Callington, PL17 8AX Tel: 01579 389223 Explain your vegan as they have had vegan customers in the past. The spicy bean burger at £4.20 is suitable for vegans and they can do jacket potatoes, soups, mushrooms and chips. The sausages are quorn and the prices reasonable. There are things not on the menu they may have in stock if you ask such as boiled potatoes, rice and ratatouille. They may have nut roast on Sundays, sometimes in the freezer although it may be a good idea to phone ahead to check.
Lower House guesthouse Lower House, Church Street, Callington, PL17 7AN Tel: 01579 383491 They have catered for vegans in the past. Let them know what you would like and they can cater for vegans. They can get vegan milks and margarine to start but would recommend you bring your own vegan cosmetics.
Engine House Florence Road, Kelly Bray, Callington, PL17 8EA Tel: 01579 386859 Open in the evenings They often have vegan options such as stir fry or sweet and sour vegetables, but preferably give notice.
Cross House Inn School Road, Harrowbarrow, Callington, PL17 8BQ Tel: 01579 350482 4+ Vegan options Food served Mon-Fri 12-2pm & 6-9pm, Sat 12-9pm, Sun 12-7.30pm Pub with restaurant that understands veganism. Options on the menu are jacket potato with salad & baked beans, mixed salad with fresh vegetable & fruit with new potatoes, stir fried vegetable on boiled rice and deep fried vegetable spring rolls with salad garnish. If you pre order they can offer vegetable chilli with boiled rice, vegetable madras with rice or jacket, avocado, pear, orange & pine nut salad and mixed bean casserole with new potatoes & vegetables. If there’s a few of you they can provide other options with prior notice.
Church House Inn Callington, PL17 7LY Tel: 01579 363631 They understand veganism and the vegetable chilli is suitable.
The Rising Sun Inn Calstock Road, Gunnislake, PL18 9BX Tel: 01822 832201 They understand veganism. The vegetarian chilli is vegan and they can adapt other dishes.
The Tamar Inn The Quay, Calstock, Gunnislake, PL18 9QA Tel: 01822 832487 They understand veganism and can do a mushroom pasta using olive oil instead of cream. The chilli nachos and most of the soups are usually vegan, but check. The bean burgers have egg in them.
The Naturally Vegan Plot near Callington Tel: 07414 891812 / 07414 624368    E-mail:     Woodland Gardening, Plants & produce, Courses & Volunteering.  They also do vegan cooking demo's and vegan outreach.     Updated 09/17.
Langmans Restaurant 3 Church Street, Callington, PL17 7RE Tel: 01579 384933 Can cater for vegans with prior notice and have done so in the past.
Croft View Norris Green, Callington, PL17 8DF Tel: 01579 350773 B&B that caters for vegans.
Indian Kitchen 30 Fore Street, Callington. Tel: 01579 384133 Tell them your vegan, but they can only really offer a bhindi bhajee or bombay potatoes that are suitable for vegans.
Tavistock Arms Hotel Fore Street, Gunnislake, PL18 9BN Tel: 01822 832217 Nothing is vegan on the menu but if you give an idea of what you’d like they can cater for vegans.
Compton Park Florence Road, Callington. Tel: 01579 383069 A cafe that coud probably do something but would need to check if the veggie burgers are vegan. The nut roast contains egg and the sausages are quorn, so it’s limited but the staff seem very accomodating.
Green Pastures B&B Longhill, Callington, PL17 8AU Tel: 01579 382566 Tell them your vegan before you arrive and they will try to provide options.
Callington Fish & Chips 30a Fore Street, Callington, PL17 7AD Tel: 01579 384999 The chips are cooked in palm oil but together with the meat and fish products and the veggie burger has milk in it.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – Castle chicken & kebab House, 39 Fore Street, Callington   ***   The Queens Head, Albaston, Gunnislake   ***   Original Pasty House, Bedford House, West Street, Gunnislake – They glaze the otherwise vegan vegetable pasty with egg glaze   ***   Cantonese Kitchen, 13 Market Street, Gunnislake   ***   The Hideaway Cafe, Unit 19, Pannier Market, Fore Street, Callington   ***   Annie’s tea room of Callington, 11 Fore Street, Callington   ***   The pasty shop, 3a Church Street, Callington   ***   Cornish Bakery, 6 Fore Street, Callington   ***   The Carpenters Arm’s, Callington   ***   Celebrations, 60 Launceston Road, Callington   ***   The Coachmakers Arms, Newport, Callington   ***   Bridge House B&B, Gunnislake   ***