Tintagel & Boscastle

Michael House Trelake Lane, Treknow, Tintagel, PL34 0EW Tel: 01840 770592 www.michael-house.co.uk ALL VEGAN guesthouse. Produce is local and organically sourced wherever possible. Vegan wines and beers are available as are evening meals. Evening meals are also available to non-residents. A typical evening vegan menu being: Starter- Fresh roasted tomato soup, Main- Local asparagus & mushroom gratin with local new potato & brocolli, Dessert- Filo pastry tartlets with apple and pear, almonds, amaretto & fruit coulis. Detailed directions are available on their website. Updated 03/16
Vega Tintagel Bossiney Road, Tintagel, PL34 0AH Tel: 01840 770460   FB: Vega Tintagel      https://vegatintagel.wordpress.com     Open Thur-Sun 12 noon-3pm & 6pm-9pm    Booking advised.     Tapas style menu, dishes around £2-£6     Vegan cafe serving wholesome, tasty food.  Using organic and fair trade  ingredients wherever possible.  50% of profits donated to animal  welfare charities.  Fully licensed and dog friendly.    Opposite Londis and Tourist Information Centre.     Updated 04/18.
Toby Jug Cafe 6 The Bridge, Boscastle, PL35 0HE Tel: 01840 250501     Fb: tobyjugcafe     They have a separate vegan menu with plenty of choice and have had things like falafel salads and homemade vegan brownies.  A recent vegan visitor had vegan cream tea.  They offer scones with vegan spread and soya milk and they had two types of vegan cake.    Updated 10/18.
The Castle View Cafe The Avalon Hotel, Atlantic Road, PL34 0DD Tel: 01840 770116     They have vegan options on the menu and many others can be adapted to be vegan.   Some of the vegan menu items include Vegan Cornish cooked breakfast, vegan burger, vegan mushroom stroganoff and vegan soups.     Updated 05/19.
Culloden farmhouse vegetarian B&B 16 Victoria Road, Camelford, PL32 9XA Tel: 01840 211128 www.cullodenfarmhouse.co.uk enquiries@cullodenfarmhouse.co.uk This vegetarian B&B and self catering apartments have had a large amount of vegans in the past. The owners are lacto-vegetarians and are happy to replace all the dairy products in the breakfasts with soya or coconut milks, soya yoghurts and cheezly products which have all proved a success so far. They also do a vegan version of savoury pancakes which are also gluten free.
Pengenna Pasties Ltd Atlantic Road, Tintagel, PL34 0DD Tel: 01840 770223 www.pengennapasties.co.uk 9am-5.30pm, 7 days a week, orders available and delivered with a minimum of 12 pasties 4+ vegan dishes @ 50p-£4. LABELLED VEGAN The vegetable pasty is suitable for vegans and labelled. The plain flapjack, eccles cakes and apple triangles are vegan but best to say your vegan not least because they may have other goodies. We have recently been advised that the scones here are also suitable for vegans and not glazed with milk or egg.  Unfortunately, the cafe still does not stock soya milk. At the end of the main street through Tintagel, the end nearest the castle. Updated 09/17
The Strand Cafe Trebarwith Strand, Tintagel, PL34 0HB Tel: 01840 779482 www.thestrandcafe.co.uk Easter until end Sept about 10am-5.30pm £3-£8 a dish, soup with roll £4, burger £4 The home made veggie nut burger (served in a roll with chilli jam & salad) are vegan. The soup of the day is almost always vegan such as courgette and lemon with soya cream but these change regularly (ask for no butter with your bread). Other vegan choices include hummus & artichoke salad, pitta breads, vegan sausage sandwiches and a vegan toddler ploughmans. Vegan side orders include olives with bread, salad & chips. Soya margarine is sometimes available and teas and coffees can be had with soya milk. Other treats include freshly squeezed orange juice & fruit smoothies. They quite often have a vegan cake on offer now, but if you want to be sure an advance phone-call will guarantee it. The cafe is located by the sea wall on the right in Trebarwith Strand. At low tide there is a mile long golden sandy beach & excellent surf, but check the tide times before you go if you want to enjoy the beach. The cafe is two miles from Tintagel and can be reached on foot via the stunning coastal footpath from Tintagel in 40 minutes.
Charlie’s Cafe, Restaurant, Deli 14th Century Cottage, Fore Street, Tintagel, PL34 0DA Tel: 01840 779500 www.online-deli.co.uk sales@onlinedeli.co.uk 4+Vegan dishes @ £2-8.50 LABELLED VEGAN The vegetable burger is vegan and comes with chips for £8.50. Ask for no mayo and for their homemade vegan bread instead of the sourdough as this contains milk. Lots of their bread is vegan including the pizza bases and they now do these with vegan cheese at certain times of the year. They also aim to have a vegan cake every day such as banana & chocolate at £2. The veg sausage sandwich or bap is vegan for £3 or £4 with a slice of vegan cheese. The large house salad is vegan at £4. Sometimes the specials are vegan and labelled as such and usually the soup is also. They stock soya milk, soya margarine and vegan ice-cream is coming soon. The staff are very friendly and helpful. In the middle of Tintagel town centre. Updated 03/16
The Old Manor House The Bridge, Boscastle, PL35 0HE Tel: 01840 250251 Open all day 3 vegan dishes @ £5.25-£9.45 Restaurant. The vegetarian breakfast (£5.25 ) can be vegan. This consists of hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and toast with no spread. Ask for no eggs also. The chips are cooked with the fish. Salads can be adapted. From the vegetarian dishes the sweet potato, vegetable and chickpea curry and the spicy bean chilli (with no yoghurt) are suitable. They may also have vegan dishes on the specials board. Both are £9.45. Near the public toilets in the main car park.
The Olive Garden Atlantic Road, Tintagel, PL34 0DD Tel: 01840 779270 www.olivegardentintagel.co.uk Fri-Wed 6pm-late (closed Thur), closed during winter & currently up for sale £3.40-£8.45 1+ vegan dish Italian restaurant. The pizza bases are vegan so you can have pizza, for example campagnola without cheese at £5 for a starter or £8.45 for a main. The garlic bread is made with the same dough and is suitable as it is made with oil rather than butter, this costs £3.40-£4.80. At the end on Tintagel main street, the end nearest the castle.
Myrings The Bridge, Boscastle, PL35 0HE Tel: 01840 250282     They have 6 flavors of vegan coconut ice-cream @ around £3 for a small tub that comes with a spoon.  Updated 10/18.
The Port William Trebarwith Strand, Treknow, Tintagel, PL34 0HB Tel: 01840 770230     9 Vegan dishes @ £2.50-£12     LABELLED VEGAN     They have side dishes, a main of chickpea & lentil dahl and a dessert of a duo of sorbets. In Trebarwith Strand on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic ocean.Trebarwith is about two miles from Tintagel town centre.  Updated 05/18.
Boscastle House B&B Tintagel Road, Boscastle, PL35 0AS Tel: 01840 250654 www.boscastlehouse.com relax@boscastlehouse.com Some possible options of their breakfast menu suitable for vegans(with use of vegan milk,spreads, etc) could include Cereals, Porridge-topped with brown sugar or fresh fruits and maple syrup. Fresh fruit-platter,salad or kebabs. Yoghurt-served with fresh fruit or fruit compotes. Fresh pears roasted with cinnamon,cranberries and maple syrup. Roasted spiced plums. Orange salad with a cinnamon ,demerara and rosemary dressing. Nectarines or peaches baked with muscovado sugar and maple syrup. Cooked breakfast. Pancakes with bananas and blueberries or fruit compote. Devilled mushrooms. Bubble and squeak. Potato scones. Spicy beans. Tomato and avocado bruschetta. Banana French toast. Freshly baked, Marmalade breakfast bars, Cinnamon toast sticks, Scones –plain, raisin,passion fruit. Situated at the top of the village a few hundred yards up the hill from Boscastle centre.
The Wellington Hotel The Harbour, Boscastle, PL35 0AQ Tel: 01840 0AQ. Tel: 01840 250202 www.wellingtonhotelboscastle.com info@boscastle.com     A recent vegan guest has returned to the place, saying the service is great and they know what they're doing regarding vegans.  They now have a separate vegan menu and a separate vegan wine list.   Updated 03/19
Crossbow Restaurant Fore Street, Tintagel, PL34 0DB Tel: 01840 770330     LABELLED VEGAN     2 Vegan dishes @ Main dish £10.50     They have on the menu a homemade vegetable curry (fresh root vegetables cooked in balti style sauce served with basmati rice and chutney and a Red pepper, bean & aubergine chilli ( A rich earthy chilli served with jacket potato & salad).     Updated 09/17
Bettle & Chisel Inn 114 High Street, Delabole, PL33 9AG Tel: 01840 211402     www.staustellbrewery.co.uk     They state on their website they have vegan options.     Updated 05/18.
The Riverside Hotel The Bridge, Boscastle, PL35 0HE Tel:01840 250216 www.hotelriverside.co.uk      LABELLED VEGAN     They have butterbean & tomato stew, Penang curry, fresh fruit salad, poached pear, apple & plum tart with dairy free vanilla ice-cream, mango sorbet, chilled melon and mixed bean & olive salad.   Updated 10/18.
Golden Lion Inn 10 Fore Street, Port Isaac, PL29 3RB Tel: 01208 880336     They state on their website they have vegan options.     Updated 05/18.
Napoleon Inn High Street, Boscastle, PL35 0BD Tel: 01840 250204     www.napoleoninn.co.uk    They have vegan options available.     Updated 05/18.
Tintagel Castle Tintagel. Tel: 01840 770328 Open during the day in tourist season 1 vegan dish Cafe at Tintagel castle. The chips are cooked seperately from meat. Soya milk is often available for teas and coffees and they have had two types of vegan flapjack slices.  Before the entrance to the castle. Updated 06/17
The Big Fish Fore Street, Tintagel, PL34 0DB Chip shop that cook their chips in palm oil and separate from the meat products. The owner is helpful and checked the veggie burgers but these are not vegan. There may be other vegan items if you check when they are not so busy.
King Arthurs Bistro Atlantic Road, Tintagel, PL34 0DD Licensed cafe and tea rooms. LABELLED VEGAN 1 vegan dish They serve soya milk and have a coconut & chocolate topped flapjack and can usually offer other vegan options if requested.  Updated 04/17
The Cornishman Inn Fore Street, Tintagel, PL34 0DA They have a new chef and offer a three bean chilli and the chef is happy to cater for vegans, as there can be vegan jacket potatoes, chips etc. Updated 06/16
Tintagel Arms Hotel Fore Street, Tintagel, PL34 0DB Tel: 01840 770780 Serve until 9pm 1+ vegan dish £8.50 A pub that has butternut squash and morrocan style cous cous on the menu but can do other dishes if you give them prior notice.
The Harbour Light Tea Garden Boscastle, PL35 0HD T 01840 250953 They stock soya milk for drinks and the drinks are very good. Jacket potato with beans or chili, soup and houmous salad available.
The Cornish Bakery 1 Castle Road, Tintagel, PL34 0HE Cafe that does not do any vegan food but you can get great soya latte’s at £2.50. Updated 02/17
The Old Coach House B&B Tintagel Road, Boscastle, PL35 0AS Tel: 01840 250398 www.old-coach.co.uk info@old-coach.co.uk They offer a fresh fruit salad, followed by grilled tomato, mushrooms, baked beans & fried bread and then toast/ toasted english muffins or bagels. Situated at the top of the village a few hundred yards up the hill from Boscastle centre.
Londis Bossiney Road, Tintagel. They sometimes have a varied range of vegan products such as Redwood sliced meats, chicken, ham, beef, Tartex pates, tofu, scheese and several flavours of swedish glace ice-cream.
Fruit & Veg Shop Main shopping street, Camelford. Stock Provamel desserts, soya milk and Granose meat free sosmixes and roasts. Opposite Darlington Inn in the middle of Camelford.
Trevathan Farm Shop St Endellion, Port Isaac, PL29 3TT T 01208 880248 Lots of organic & vegan produce.
The Mill House Trebarwith, Tintagel. Tel: 01840 770200 Bar and restaurant that can offer vegan meals with prior arrangement.
Orchard Lodge B&B Gunpool Lane, Boscastle, PL35 0AT Tel: 01840 250418 www.orchardlodgeboscastle.co.uk Feb-end of Oct Vegans catered for with an eco-friendly emphasis.
Lewis’s B&B & tea rooms Bossiney Road, Tintagel, PL34 0AH Tel:01840 770427 Does not fully understand veganism but if you explain it and tell him exactly what you want he is prepared to do vegan food.
The Village Tearooms Fore Street, Tintagel. Does not do any food suitable for vegans but they do have soya milk.
Cornish Stores The Village shop, Boscastle. Tel: 01840 250344 This shop sells soya milk and a range of Franks luxury biscuits (£1.85 per pack) including chocolate & brazil nut oaties and lots more.
The National Trust Cafe Boscastle Harbour, Boscastle The staff understand vegan but the best they can offer is that the soup is often vegan. They now stock soya milk for drinks.
Sails Cafe 6 Bridge Walk, Boscastle, PL35 0HE Tel: 01840 250501 Only thing they can guarantee vegan is jacket potato or salad.
Cedar Tree Restaurant Bossiney House Hotel, Bossiney Road, Tintagel, PL34 0AX Tel: 01840 770240 Can cater for vegans with prior notice.
Bridge House B&B The Bridge, Boscastle, PL35 0HE Tel: 01840 250011 Offer fresh grapefruit or a fruit salad or tomatoes on toast or happy to discuss other dishes.
The Cobweb Boscastle. Pub that serves food. They can cater for vegans given prior notice otherwise its jacket potatoe. Opposite the public toilets in the main car park.
Deli licious deli cafe wine bar Fore Street, Tintagel. They can prepare something for you if you tell them what you would like. Not many choices but they are one of the few cafe’s that are open through the winter.
King Arthur’s Arms Fore Street, Tintagel. Pub that serves food. Veganism is not their strong point but they will try and cater for vegans with prior notice.
Ye Olde Malthouse Inn They say they can cater for vegans but in practise they don’t seem that accomodating.
Uncle Jacks Cabin Bossiney Road, Tintagel, PL34 0AJ Tel: 01840 779574 The ingredients for the pea fritters are vegan but we can’t say if those or the chips are cooked separately from the meat products.
Peckish Fish & Chips 8 Victoria Road, Camelford. They use vegetable oil to cook the chips but at the end of shifts all pans are filtered into one central place. So technically the oil has also been used for meat and fish products.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – Primrose Garden Cafe, Bossiney Road, Tintagel   ***   Malcolm Barnecutt bakery, Boscastle   ***     Merlins Pasties, Fore Street, Tintagel.     They do not do anything suitable for vegans and their vegetable pasty contains lard    ***   The Wootons Country Inn, Tintagel    ***    The Bottreaux Hotel & Restaurant, Boscastle