Isles of Scilly

Scilly fish Porthcressa beach, (behind St Mary's town hall), TR21 0JN. Tel: 0787 6340032. Fish & chip van with LABELLED VEGAN options; veggie sausage & chips, lightly spiced bean patty & chips, crispy breaded mushrooms & chips, lentil 'n' veg patty & chips, sweet chilli falafel & chips and aromatic garden party & chips.  All priced at £5.50.  Updated 05/23.
Hugh street cafe Hugh Town, TR21 0LL.   Email-  Tel: 01720 422734.  They have LABELLED VEGAN options;  sourdough with avocado, waffles and hot chocolate.They also have the option that can be adapted to be vegan; sausage sandwich.   Updated 05/23.
Dibble and Grub The old fire station, Porthcressa Beach, St Mary’s, TR21 0QJ

Tel: 01720 423719 They have LABELLED VEGAN  options; falafel wrap, mushroom, spinach, chilli cheese & garlic mayo sandwich,  a tapas menu with lots of vegan options, grub bowl, Mediterranean mezze, mushroom shawarma, scrambled tofu on toasted ciabatta, spicy chickpea & avocado on Toasted ciabatta,  pancake stack options that can be made vegan of Greek salad and smashed butternut squash on ciabatta toast.  Updated 05/23.

The Mermaid Inn The bank, St Mary’s, TR21 0HY. Tel: 01720 422701  They have LABELLED VEGAN options; soup of the day, fish & chips, fried jackfruit chunks in spiced gravy, smoky BBQ rib, beetroot wellington, fried jackfruit burger, not dog and an option to make the Scilly fried chicken wrap vegan.  Updated 05/23.  
Little Arthur Cafe & Bistro Little Arthur Farm, Higher Town, St Martin's, TR25 0QL. T 01720 422457     They have options that can be adapted to vegan; soup of the day, veggie burger, chips, cheesy chips, salad, coleslaw and they offer vegan cheese for Wednesday pizza night.  A recent vegan guest had a vegan pasty and were impressed.  Some people may wish not to go here as it is a working farm.     Updated 08/21.
The ruin cafe Tresco Abbey, Old Grimsby, TR24 0QQ. Tel: 01720 424489  They have around 6 vegan options on the menu, imaginative vegetable based dishes but specify you are vegan so they can make them suitable.  Updated 08/21.
Old Town Cafe Old Town, St Mary’s, TR21 0NH. Tel: 01720 422045. They sell a vegan pasty and in the past they stocked soya milk for drinks and Troytown farm ices, which include vegan sorbets. Close to Old Town beach.  Updated 08/21.
Juliets Garden Seaways, St.Mary’s, TR21 0NF. Tel: 01720 422228  They have LABELLED VEGAN options; vegan Greek salad with vegan feta, chickpea hummus, red pepper & jalapeno hummus and ales of Scilly beers. Updated 08/21.
Kavorna High Street, St Mary’s, TR21 0LL. Tel: 01720 422660   Recent vegan visitors have had options of vegan breakfast, vegan sausage roll, soup of the day and avocado, tomato & roasted red pepper salad.  Updated 08/21.
The Atlantic Inn Hugh Street, St Mary’s, TR21 0PL. Tel: 01720 422417     They have LABELLED VEGAN options; rosemary & sea salt focaccia, roasted red pepper hummus, Thai yellow vegetable curry, beetroot falafel & toasted almond, fries, chips, garlic ciabatta, poached pineapple and vegan raspberry ripple. Updated 08/21.
Tregarthens Hotel St Mary’s, TR21 0PP. Tel: 01720 422540 They have options that can be adapted to be vegan; vegetarian breakfast, homemade sausage roll, vegetarian platter, soup of the day, bread, olives & dips, ice-cream/sorbet and Affogato.  Updated 08/21.
Olivia’s kitchen Bryher, TR23 0PR. Tel: 01720 423168  They usually have a vegan option such as recently offering a burrito bowl with pulled jackfruit.  Updated 08/21.
St Mary’s Hall Hotel Church Street, Hugh Town, St Mary’s, TR21 0JR. Tel: 01720 422316 They have vegan options; black bean, mushroom, lentil & beetroot burger, triple cooked chips, side salad and roasted butternut squash with red onion & chilli.  They can also adapt the following dishes to be vegan; roasted garlic & rosemary new potatoes, basil & chive pistou tagliatelle and sauteed garlic wild mushrooms.  Updated 08/21.
St Hellena 13 Garrison Lane, St Mary’s, TR21 0JD. Tel: 01720 423231  B&B that in the past could cater for vegans.  They offered a cooked breakfast with vegetarian sausages & fried bread, soya milk if requested, cereals and toast. Updated 08/21.
St Martins Post Office & Stores Highertown, St Martin’s, TR25 0QL. Tel: 01720 422801 In the past they stocked a wide selection of vegan products in the shop including soya & rice milk, provamel desserts, sausage & burger mixes etc.  Updated 08/21.
The flying boat cafe & deli Tresco Abbey, TR24 0QQ. They have a couple of salad bowls that can be adapted to vegan on request and they stock dairy free milks.  Updated 08/21.
The island Bakery Higher Town, St Martin’s, TR25 0QL.

Tel: 01720 422111.  Organic bakery that in the past would provide better vegan options with notice. They used to have a date slice that was vegan and recommended. If you phoned ahead they may be able to do the bread without egg glaze.  Updated 08/21.

Santa Maria Guesthouse Sallyport, St Mary’s, TR21 0JE. Tel: 01720 422687 B&B that in the past catered for vegans, offering soya milk, vegan spread and soya yoghurt.  Updated 08/21.
Scilly Organics Sandy Lane Cottage, Middle Town, St Martin’s, TR25 0QN. Tel: 07528 136678 Small business growing fresh organic fruit and vegetables for local markets. Also have an honesty box.  Updated 08/21.
Covean Cottage B&B & Cafe St Agnes, TR22 0PL. Tel: 01720 422620 In the past they could adapt a few dishes to be vegan.  Updated 08/21.
Westford House Church Street, St Mary’s, TR21 0JT. Tel: 01720 422510 B&B that can cater for vegans and state this on their website.  Updated 08/21.
Nancherrow Guest House Pilot’s Retreat, St Mary’s, TR21 0PB. Tel: 01720 423072 In the past if you gave them notice of what you would like they were happy to cater for vegans.  Updated 08/21.
Polreath Tea Rooms St Martin’s, Higher Town, TR25 0QL. Tel: 01720 422046  In the past they have offered limited vegan options on request.  Updated 08/21.
Sage House High Lanes, St Mary’s, TR21 0NW. Tel: 01720 422440 In the past they have been able to cater for vegans with notice.  Updated 08/21.
Schooners Waterfront Hotel Town Beach, St Mary’s, TR21 0LN. Tel: 01720 422682  Hotel that in the past could  cater for vegans.  Updated 08/21.
Belmont B&B Church Road, St Mary’s, TR21 0NA. Tel: 01720 423154  In the past they could cater for vegans with prior notice.  Updated 08/21.
The Scillonian Club The Parade, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0LP. Tel: 01720 422720     In the past they offered a vegan burger and other options if asked.     Updated 08/21.
Scillonian Ferry Ferry thats sails between Penzance and Isles of Scilly In the past they stocked soya milk for drinks in the bar and cafe  Updated 08/21.
Freesia Guest House The Parade, Hugh Town, St Mary’s, TR22 0LP. Tel: 01720 422115  B&B that in the past could  cater for vegans.  Updated 08/21.
Colosuss B&B 2 Matthews field, Church road, St Mary’s, TR21 0NA. Tel: 01720 423361 In the past they could cater for vegans with prior notice.  Updated 08/21.
Harbour View & Fraggle Rock Bar Bryer TR23 0PR. Tel: 01720 422222 They were able to provide vegan options in the past.  Updated 08/21.
The Star Castle Hotel Garrison, St Mary’s, TR21 0JA. Tel: 01720 422317 In the past they could cater for vegans with prior notice.  Updated 08/21.
Mincarlo Guest House Carn Thomas, St Mary’s, TR21 0PT. Tel: 01720 422513   B&B that in the past could cater for vegans.  Updated 08/21.
Coastguards Cafe St Agnes, TR22 0PL. Tel: 01720 423747  In the past the hummus was vegan and the soup was often vegan.  Updated 08/21.
Hell Bay Hotel Bryher, TR23 0PR. Tel: 01720 422947 In the past, with prior notice they could offer a vegan menu.  Updated 08/21.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – Veronica Lodge, The Garrison, Hugh Town   ***   Crebinick House, Church Street, St Mary’s   ***   April Cottage, Church Road, St Mary’s   ***   Hazeldene B&B, Church Street, St Mary’s   ***   Annet Cottage, Porthlow, St Mary’s   ***   Schiller B&B, Pilot’s Retreat, Church Road, St Mary’s   ***   Nandeeps B&B, Ram’s Valley, St Mary’s   ***   Gunner Rock B&B, Bryher   ***   Tolman House Guest Accomodation, Old Town, St Mary’s   ***   Anjeric Guest House, The Strand, St Mary’s   ***   Tolman Cafe, St Mary’s   ***   Carn Vean, Pelistry   ***   The Wheelhouse, Porthcressa   ***   The Island Hotel, Tresco   ***   Kaffeehaas Salbei, High Lanes, St Mary’s – Don’t understand vegan   ***   Harbourside Hotel, St Mary’s   ***   The Gallery, St Mary’s   ***   Flying Boat Clubhouse   ***   The Clubhouse, Isles of Scilly golf Club   ***