Brown sugar 2 South Street, Fowey, PL23 1AR. Tel: 01726 833382.  Cafe.  Recent vegan visitors have been impressed with the vegan options, including a vegan breakfast and a super food salad.  Updated 08/21.
Fowey Hall Hotel Hanson Drive, Fowey, PL23 1ET. Tel: 01726 833866 They have LABELLED VEGAN options; Sunday lunch - spring pea & mint soup and aubergine Milanese.  Other menu's - pan roasted harissa spice Cornish cauliflower, cauliflower rice, olive tapenade, pomegranate, hazelnut dukka and a superfood salad.  Updated 08/21.
The Ship Inn Trafalgar Square, Fowey, PL23 1AZ. Tel: 01726 832230 Pub With LABELLED VEGAN options; vegan burger served in a brioche style bun with vegan cheddar, salsa & chips and sweet potato curry.  Updated 05/23.
The Cornish bakery 1-3 Fore street, Fowey, PL23 1AH. Tel: 01726 832444.  Chain bakery that have LABELLED VEGAN raspberry croissants and usually have a vegan pasty and soya milk available. Updated 08/21.
Val’s Place 4 Moorland Road, Par, PL24 2PA. Tel: 01726 817900.  They have LABELLED VEGAN options of vegan burger in a bun, served with lettuce & mayo, vegan nuggets and vegan sausage.  In the past the chips were cooked in vegetable oil but in the same oil as meat and fish products so check before ordering.  Updated 05/23.
Bufala Fowey 1 Lostwithiel street, Fowey, PL23 1BD. Pizzeria that state they have vegan options, just ask. Updated 05/23.
Welcome Home Inn 39 Par Green, Par, PL24 2AF. Tel: 01726 816894     They state on their website, they have vegan options.     Updated 08/21.
The Royal Inn 66 East Cliffe Road, Par, PL24 2AJ. Tel: 01726 815601 They have LABELLED VEGAN options on the restaurant menu; vegan burger or falafel burger with chips & coleslaw, sausage with mash, onion, gravy & peas, lentil stew with wild rice and jackfruit curry with wild rice.   Updated 05/23.
Pink Murphy’s Cafe 19 North Street, Fowey, PL23 1DB. Tel: 01726 832512 In the past if you stated you were vegan they could make the veggie platter suitable by leaving of the pesto and other alterations. They were used to vegan guests and in the past visitors have had smoothies, Sharing platters, pate & bread and cakes. Located 50 meters past Fowey’s post office in the main street.  Updated 08/21.
The Dwelling House 6 Fore Street, Fowey, PL23 1AQ. Tel: 01726 833662 Tea rooms that in the past could provide some vegan options, otherwise there should have been a fruit cake there that is vegan anyway.   Updated 08/21.
Sunny Spice Indian Restaurant 39A Fore Street, Fowey, PL23 1AH. T 01726 833594 Indian restaurant that is happy to cater for vegans.  Previous vegan visitors have been impressed.  Updated 08/21.
The Galleon Inn 12 Fore Street, Fowey, PL23 1AH. Tel: 01726 833014   They have a few vegan options including burger with chips & coleslaw.  Updated 08/21.
The Lugger Inn 5 Fore Street, Fowey, PL23 1AH. Tel: 01726 833435  Pub with a LABELLED VEGAN main of Mediterranean tart.  Updated 08/21.
King of Prussia hotel 3 Town Quay, Fowey, PL23 1AT. Tel: 01726 833694. Recent vegan visitors were happy with their vegan options.  Updated 08/21.
Fishermans Arms Fore Street, Golant, Fowey, PL23 1LN. Tel: 01726 832453   Pub that have a couple of vegan options.  Updated 08/21.
The Old Ferry Inn Bodinnick, Fowey, PL23 1LX. Tel: 01726 870237 Pub with a roasted carrot hummus that is vegan or a salad that can be adapted to be vegan.  Updated 08/21.
Sam’s 20 Fore street, Fowey, PL23 1AQ. Tel: 01726 832273. A past vegan visitor was impressed with their vegan burger and coleslaw.  Updated 08/21.
Trenython Manor Hotel Tywardreath, nr Fowey, PL24 2TS. Tel: 01726 814797 In the past vegan visitors have had a separate vegan menu to choose from.  Updated 08/21.
The Lugger Inn The Quay, Polruan, PL23 1PA. Tel: 01726 870007 W Pub that had LABELLED VEGAN options of aubergine & coconut curry and beetroot burger. Updated 08/21.
Crumpets too 1 Fore Street, Polruan-by-Fowey, PL23 1PQ. Tel: 01726 870806 Cafe where in the past one of the owners was vegetarian and understood veganism. The soup was usually vegan and they could do a jacket potato or salad.  Updated 08/21.
Rashleigh Inn Polkerris, Par, PL24 2TL. Tel: 01726 813991 Pub with a LABELLED VEGAN option of heritage tomato & watermelon salad.  A recent vegan visitor had a vegan cheeseburger.  Updated 08/21.
Lifebuoy Cafe 8 Lostwithiel St, Fowey, PL23 1BD. Tel: 07825 835863  In the past some of the home made soups were vegan.  Updated 08/21.
The Golden Wok 115 Par Green, Par, PL24 2AG. Tel: 01726 816118 Chinese. In the past any mixed vegetable dishes could be made vegan if you stated vegan when ordering.  Updated 08/21.
The Fowey harbour hotel The Esplanade, Fowey, PL23 1HX. Tel: 01726 832551  They have LABELLED VEGAN options; olives, grains & greens salad, skinny fries, fat chips and mixed house salad.  Updated 08/21.
The Old Quay House Hotel 28 Fore street, Fowey, PL23 1AQ. Tel: 01726 833302  In the past they have been able to supply a separate vegan menu.  Updated 08/21.
Coriander Cottages & Mill Old Watermill, Penventinue Lane, Fowey, PL23 1JT. Tel: 01726 834998 Eco-friendly B&B/guesthouse/self catering lodges that in the past has catered for vegans.  Updated 08/21.
The Russell Inn West Street, Polruan, PL23 1PJ. Tel:01726 870707 Pub that in the past have been able to cater for vegans if you advised them of your requirements.  Updated 08/21.
The Ship Inn 1 Polmear Hill, Par, PL24 2AR. Tel: 01726 812540 http://www.theshipinnpar.comIn the past they were able to offer basic vegan options.  Updated 08/21.
Riverview B&B Fowey. Tel: 01726 833498 B&B that in the past would cater for vegans.  Updated 08/21.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS   Niles Coffee Shop, 14 Fore Street, Fowey   ***   Cone Zone, 4a Webb Street, Fowey   ***   Pearns pasties of Par, 13 Harbour Road, Par   ***   Happy House, 34 Fore Street, St Blazey, Par   ***